Our Causes

Giving Back, One Community at a Time.

Who does the Give Back Crew Support, and Where Does Donated Money, Time and Effort Go?

Our motto is “Giving back, one community at a time.” The Give Back Crew is neither aligned nor partnered with a specific charity or cause. Instead, we choose to support charities with a reliable track record of using their resources effectively and making communities stronger. Whether the communities we serve are down the street or in a neighborhood halfway around the globe, our objective remains the same: give back, one community at a time. Our work helping others who work directly with communities in need takes a wide variety of forms, from bell ringing to food packing, building projects to fundraising, and everything in between. The mode of service often depends on the season and the needs of the organizations we work with.

Notable examples of charities we’ve contributed to include Matter, Feed My Starving Children, the Movember Foundation, The Salvation Army, and others. Charities that provide food, medical supplies or other necessities, or which promote health and well-being are reliably found among the organizations we help.

Join us!

The Give Back Crew may officially be powered by the the employees of AK Material Handling Systems, but we always welcome others to come join us in whatever our current project is! Our efforts wouldn’t be half as productive as they are without the help of our family, friends, and fellow volunteers.


Our charity fundraising strategy is twofold. The first of these two modes of fundraising consists of raising money for local charities in $1,000 increments. Once we’ve reached the $1,000 threshold for a given charity, we will pivot the focus of our efforts towards a new charity. Our current focus charity is Feed My Starving Children, a Minnesota-based charity dedicated to feeding undernourished children in impoverished nations.

Fun: The Fuel that Keeps us Going

The second mode of fundraising is one-time charity drives for specific events, including charity races or annual drives like Movember. In the run-ups to events like these, we’ll make concerted efforts to drive funding through our fundraising team for that particular event or cause.

Having fun is a keystone of our organizations’s culture, and in addition to direct giving in the form of time, financial contributions and materials, we regularly participate in events whose proceeds go towards causes we feel create a real, positive impact. Charitable races like the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Big Climb, St. Jude’s Warrior Dash, Red Nose Day, and Movember are all ways in which we regularly come together to have fun, engage in a little friendly competition and raise money and awareness for causes we care about.